Boeing 787 이 드디어 택싱과 RTO 테스트를 하였네요 !

RTO기능은  아래의 동영상에 나오는데 기체결함,이상으로 조종사가 이륙을 포기하였을시 일정속도 이하에서 항공기가 자동으로 풀 브레이킹을 해주는 기능입니다.
이륙전에 Brake 셋팅때 Brake 모드를 RTO 모드로 돌려놓으면 설정됩니다.

동영상을 본결과 RTO 테스트 잘된것같네요 ^^ 택싱도 괜찮고

앞모습이 독수리 모습을 모는듯하고 조종석 창문모양이 반듯하지가 않네요 ^^

디자인도 갈수록 중요해지네요 ^^

787의 객실특징중 제일 신기한것이 창문을 덮개로 빛을 차단하는것이 아니라 다이얼 같은걸 돌려서 전자적으로 빛을 차단한다고 하던데
대한항공에서 787 도입하면 봐야죠 ^^

EVERETT -- The 787 may still be weeks to months away from taking its first flight, but the new plane did get to stretch its legs a bit Tuesday.

Test pilots were taking the 787 for a low-speed taxi test around Paine Field's runway and taxi lanes. They were checking the steering and braking system, a Boeing spokesman told KOMO News. It's the first time the 787 has moved on a runway under its own power.

The 787 program has been beset by delays. Initially supposed to be delivered in the first quarter of 2008, the delivery schedule has been pushed back five times.

There were high hopes the plane would take its first flight in June, but the company announced it needs to reinforce small areas near the connection of the wings and fuselage before conducting the test flight.

A revised schedule for the flight, as well as first deliveries to customers, will not be announced for several weeks.

The 787 tests its braking system, sending smoke from the plane's tires.

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